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Discussions Social Networking

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If you had to work on this project individually, you would already have started working. You don't have to wait for your team to get started. Look at the kinds of information you need to research and then do a Google Search. Try combinations of the following keywords: social networking, education, classroom, definition, advantages, disadvantages,


Check out these resources to get you started...

Lindsay, J. and V. Davis. "Navigate the Digital Rapids." Learning and Leading 37.6. (2010).


Educational Networking


Moral Spaces in MySpace: Preservice Teachers’ Perspectives about Ethical Issues in Social Networking

MySpace and Facebook are innovative digital communication tools that surpass traditional means of social interaction. However, in some instances in which educators have used these tools, public reactions to them have resulted in sanctions. With the notion that traditional ideas of privacy and teacher conduct are not yet defined in online worlds, the researchers developed a case-based reasoning intervention to support more informed decisions by preservice teachers. The case-based coursework led students to perceive a need for more definitive guidelines about their participation in social networking spaces. The findings have professional development implications for educators and educational institutions that wish to harness the positive potential of social networking tools without risking professional status.

Social Networking  

Cause/Effect Journal Article: Privacy Issues in a Virtual Learning Environment This article by Susan K. Ferencz and C.W. Goldsmith outlines how to create a privacy policy and how to teach fair information practices; same issues and practices are still relevant today as in 1998.

Website: Electronic Privacy and Information Center This site contains a myriad of articles and links related to privacy with a special section for chlldren's online privacy.

Common Sense Media Website: Internet Safety Articles Links to a variety of Internet Safety articles including "Facebook Privacy Settings" and "You're Not as Private as You Think."


Simply Speaking: Social Networking in Education--blog post

Schools and Online Social Networking - EducationWorld

Education Week's Digital Directions: Social Networking Goes to School

The Importance of Teaching Social Networking in Schools

Edmodo provides free, secure social networking for schools


Social Network for Elementary School Students - Classroom 2.0

Creating a Social Network for elementary students - Blogspot

How can elementary school teachers use social networking?

Elementary students' perceptions of social networks


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