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Discussions Cognitivism

Page history last edited by Brandi 9 years, 7 months ago

Please use this space to share information and resources related to the development of the wiki page on Cognitivism. I had previously provided several links to get you started. They are located on the Cognitivism page.  gsk

Thank you for the extra sources.  Brandi 

I haven' t heard from the other two members of our group, Amanda and Booker.  Hopefully they will respond soon as I would like to have this page completed by tomorrow afternoon.

Update:  I heard from Booker, he's been having problems with his computer.  We still haven't heard anything from Amanda. He hasn't contacted me. Having trouble with his computer makes it very difficult to complete an online course. There are possible other options such as the school computer lab, the library, a friend...gsk 2/5/2010

Also, this page says there is a comment, but I can't read it.


Mrs. Keesee, We wanted to be able to show you how we were collaborating with each other so far, so I am posting our e-mails that have been sent back and forth between us. Good idea. I really wish you would use the wiki though since that is part of the objective for this assignment--so you'll get familiar with the wiki in order to work in your own wiki--and to learn how you might use the wiki for your own classroom. gsk


Brandi Shipley to Amada, Booker, Jacqueline show details Jan 31 (4 days ago)

Hello.  I just wanted to e-mail you and get your thoughts on the project and how you would like to have it set up.  Would you prefer having a group leader and assigning parts to everyone or just doing what we can on our own?  Personally, I like the idea of having parts assigned and then sending it to one person in the group to put it together so that it sounds cohesive.  Please let me know what you would prefer and if that option works for you.  If so, then I will volunteer to put it all together as well as having a section for myself.  Also, what is everyone's schedule like?  This weekend is very busy for me so I would like to have the assignment completed and turned in no later than Thursday evening.  So if we decide that I am putting the parts of the assignment together, I would need your parts by Noon on Thursday.  Please let me know as soon as possible. 
I will volunteer for Definition/Primary theorists/and underlying principles as that seems to be all one thing essentially.  Let me know which parts the rest of you would like.
Thanks, Brandi Shipley


Jacqueline Harvey to me, Amada, Booker
show details Feb 1 (3 days ago)

I like the thought of assigning/ picking parts. Brandi did anyone respond to you suggestion?



Brandi Shipley to Jacqueline, Amada, Booker
show details Feb 1 (2 days ago)

I have only heard from you Jacqueline. Which part would you like to
do? If you send me your finished part by Thursday, then I can
proofread it for any errors and I'll send you my part so you can check
it as well and then I'll post it all on Friday morning. I'm going to
e-mail Mrs. Keesee and let her know what's going on with our group
tomorrow afternoon. Just email me with which part you want so that if
I do hear from our other group members, we will know which parts are
covered. I'm going to do the first 3 sections since they all seem to
go together, I believe its the definition, main theorists, and
underlying concepts. Do you know where to look for the other parts?


Jacqueline Harvey to me, Amada, Booker
show details Feb 1 (2 days ago)

I will do Classroom Implications and Examples of Classroom Uses.  I noticed that Dr. Keesee suggested  that we use other means of communication outside of email.  Do you have any suggestions? I am not familiar with the other options but I am willing to learn.
Brandi if we don't hear from our other group members I will  complete the  last one.  


Brandi Shipley to Jacqueline
show details Feb 2 (2 days ago)

I'm guessing she meant phone calls and getting together.  I haven't heard back from anyone else, so I'm going to e-mail Mrs.Keesee and see what she wants us to do about that cause I would hate for the two of us to do all the work and the members who haven't done anything to get credit for it.


Jacqueline Harvey to me
show details 10:01 PM (14 hours ago)

I am just now sitting down to my computer.  I will be working on my part tonight and tomorrow.  You mentioned that you would have very limited access to a computer this weekend.  Do you think you can squeeze sometime for us to chat and brainstorm some ideals.  I know the brainstorming concept is late, however I am hoping we can trigger something from each other  as we try to complete this project.    Can you set 30 mins to an hour aside tomorrow. We can IM or talk on the phone.  Let me know your thoughts.




Brandi Shipley to Jacqueline
show details 10:44 PM (14 hours ago)

I'm just getting around to working on my part too.  I'm going to try to get my part completely finished by 3pm tomorrow and posted by 5pm.

What would be a good time tomorrow? I think IM'ing would be best for me, that way I can still multitask and get other things around here done while we chat, what IM service do you use? I have yahoo and aim. I think there's a chat feature through this email account as well.  So just let me know what time would work best for you and we can chat.  I still haven't heard from the other group members, so I guess it's just us. 

Jacqueline Harvey to me
show details 12:02 AM (12 hours ago)

 I have been extremly busy this week too. Let's IM through this account.  Will noon time work for you?


Booker Brown to me
show details 12:44 AM (12 hours ago)

thanks for the email and i would like to assign parts and I am having trouble with my computer so I will try to do my assignment and email you back thanks


Brandi Shipley to Booker
show details 1:16 AM (11 hours ago)

Booker, thanks for the response! I totally understand having problems with the computer.  Jacqueline volunteered for Classroom Implications and Examples of Classroom Uses, and I am currently working on the definition, main theorists, and underlying concepts. So just let us know which part you would like to do.  I am going to try to have my part finalized and posted to the site by 5pm tomorrow. I think we should all send our parts to each other to be proofread before it is posted to the final site.  Our other group members' email addresses should be in the first email I sent out.  Did you get the one Mrs. Keesee wrote back to me?  She wants us to post to the cognitivism discussions page to communicate with each other so that she can see what we're doing as well.  Jackie and I are planning to have a chat session on this account around noon so that we can bounce some ideas off each other.  If you are able to do something like that it would be great.  Just let me know if you need any help and what section you want.
Thanks, Brandi


Brandi Shipley to Jacqueline
show details 1:28 AM (11 hours ago)

Yes noon will work for me.  Talk to you then!
Oh, by the way, I got a response from Booker Brown.  Here's what he had to say. "thanks for the email and i would like to assign parts and I am having trouble with my computer so I will try to do my assignment and email you back thanks" so I'm not sure when he's planning on emailing his part but if he does end up sending it to me over this weekend would it be alright to send it to you for proofreading and such before being submitted to the discussion board?  Depending on the weather, I won't be near a computer.  I can check my email and forward and such through my phone but I can't do blackboard or wikis.



Brandi Shipley to Jacqueline
show details Feb 4 (2 days ago)

Hey, I have an idea for the classroom examples. I think we should put different things for different age ranges, like in a preschool classroom, early elemetary, late elementary, middle school and high school.  Something like that, because not every age level can do the same things.  And it's something that the other groups haven't put into their pages. It could set us apart a little.  Also, with the classroom stuff, we may want to put some things having to do with technology if it's not too much trouble to work in. What do you think?


Jacqueline Harvey to me
show details Feb 4 (2 days ago)

That will work. That will work with the different games that I found for the classroom.
I am still researching and haven't had a chance to put anything down. How are you coming?


Jacqueline Harvey to me
show details Feb 4 (2 days ago)

Do you know how to work the hyperlink on microsoft word.


Brandi Shipley to Jacqueline
show details Feb 4 (2 days ago)

I am still researching as well.  I'm not sure, I think you just type in the webaddress and space bar, it should turn blue.  But I'm not sure how to make a word go to an address. I would google how to make a hyperlink in word and it should come up with step by step instructions


Brandi Shipley to Jacqueline
show details Feb 4 (2 days ago)

If you go to the insert section in microsoft word, it has a place to click for the hyperlink.  I posted the outline that I have typed up in word to the discussions page.  I still have more to do on it and it's not going to look like that at all on the final wiki.  I just wanted to post something so Mrs.Keesee would know that I had been working on our project.  I will finish it up late tonight or early tomorrow morning and post it in it's separated and paragraph form.  Good luck with the rest of yours. 


Booker Brown to me
show details 1:25 PM (15 hours ago)

 Brandi, that will be great and what all left on the group project so I can do it.


 Brandi Shipley to Booker
show details 11:53 PM (4 hours ago)

Because you emailed me so last minute, there isn't much left.  Jackie and I ended up splitting the project in half since we didn't hear anything else from you. We moved to the discussion page on the teaching and learning wiki and put information in that over the weekend..  If you would still like to try to contribute to the project, I would suggest emailing Mrs.Keesee and asking her what she wants you to do.  But she told us just to handle the project without you and Amada since we didn't hear anything. Jackie's already done with her half and I'm submitting my part of the project now.


Booker Brown to me
show details 11:55 PM (4 hours ago)

Hi, Brandi and I am trying to send over my work to you and I wanted to know if you got my work. I am trying in this class and it my fault for not getting in touch with you and my group. It is hard because I had my work but my computer mess up and it took all my work. So I hope you get my work.


Brandi Shipley to Booker
show details 12:13 AM (4 hours ago)

I understand completely.  I haven't gotten anything though


I also e-mailed our group the e-mail that you sent back to me when I informed you of what was going on in our group.  Jackie and I also chatted today for about 45 minutes about how we wanted to set up the page and such.

Obviously, our time tables have shifted during the week due to busy schedules.  We will be posting to this part of the site later today for proofreading and editing and hopefully have the page finished soon after that.



©     Willhelm Wundt 1879

Opened the first psychology laboratory in Liepzig, Germany

v Introspection

v “the development of introspection as a means for studying the mind”

©     Gestalt Psychology

v Believed that knowledge comes from more than just experience

v Involves a person organizing sensory data

v Kohler – Behavior could not be explained just by association

©     Edward Tolman

©     3 main influences

v Information processing approach

  • §     Perception and attention
  • §     Involves tracing the sequence of mental operations and their products in the performance of a particular cognitive task

v Artificial intelligence

  • §     Promotes use of the concepts from computer science in the development of psychological theories

v Linguistics

  • §     Language learning must include internal construction
  • §     Only considers the observable stimuli and responses in linguistic interaction is no sufficient

©     Central Issues

v How human thought works

v How we gain knowledge

©     Differing views of cognitive development

v Jean Piaget

  • §    

*       Stage 1- lasting from birth until two years of age, sensorimotor.  A child develops a sense of object permanence, motor skills, and has very little if any understanding of symbolic representation.

*       Stage 2 – Lasting from age two to age seven, preoperational.  A child begins to develop linguistic and thinking skills.

*       Stage 3 – Lasting from age 7 to 12, concrete operational.  A child develops understanding that quantity is the amount of something is unrelated to the way something looks and masters the concepts of reversibility. 

*       Stage 4 – Lasting from 12 – adulthood. Develops abstract and logical thinking skills.

  • §     Human thinking arranged into schemes

*       organized mental patterns that represent behaviors and actions (i.e. a baby sucking his thumb or crying

*       similar to computer software that tells how data is viewed and dealt with

  • §     Believed in qualitative growth from one stage to the next
  • §     Believed that children who hadn’t reached certain developmental stages, could not learn anything at that level

*       A child who couldn’t understand language could not have logical or abstract thinking.

  • §     Major concepts

*       Assimilation – perceive new objects in terms of existing operations

*       Accommodation – modifying existing cognitive structures based on new information

*       Equilibration – includes both Assimilation and Accommodation. It is the master developmental process

v Lev Vygotsky

  • §     Believed that cognitive development  was a result of social interactions through guided participation
  • §     Zone of Proximal Development and Scaffolding
  • §     Can only be understood by taking into account cultural and social context
  • §     Teachers serve as facilitators to learning


This is what I have drafted so far and this is how I organize my own thoughts to start a paper or any other research project.  It makes things a little easier for me and helps me focus on the project..  Some of it didn't seem to transfer, but I will be working more on this assignment later tonight and have it organized in a way that is readable and understandable to all.  Sorry it is not in that form yet, there is a lot of information to go through, understand, and organize for other readers.  Don't worry group members, it will not be posted to the final wiki like this and it will not look like this for very long.  This is no where near the final draft.  My sources and quoted items will also be posted later on.   I have read a ton of information and written a lot down this week.  This is the start of my organizational stage and getting everything that I've written into the computer.  It looks messy now, but I will be filling in information and turning it into paragraph form and separtating it into the categories. I just didn't want you to think I hadn't done anything yet.  Thanks! Brandi




Mrs. Keesee, Just wanted to update you, I am still working on my part of the project.  Will be done no later than tomorrow night.  I haven't heard anything else from my group members since this afternoon.  Jacqueline said she would have her part done today but I guess she hasn't finished it yet.  I still haven't heard anything else from Booker and have absolutely nothing from Amada.  This is becoming a much more time consuming project than I thought.  I know you said we would not be penalized from others not doing their work but now we are having to take on extra work because others are not doing their part and I do not think that is fair.  I know it seems like I am complaining and perhaps I am, but I have been working hard on researching this project this week and putting it before the other things I've needed to get done.  That has it's own affects on life at home.  I'm exhausted right now so this may not come off as more offensive to some than I mean it to but it sucks having to pick up the slack of other people not doing their parts. At this point I hope everyone comes through.  Not knowing what is going on with everyone in the group about the project really worries me and adds unnessessary stress to my life.    I am about halfway done with my portions of the project and will be posting them as soon as I am finished. I would like to have this done by midnight if possible group members. That way we know what else needs to be done and can do it on Sunday.  Thanks! Brandi   


Perhaps splitting things up might not have been the best idea. If everyone was looking for resources for each area and providing information all along, then there wouldn't be as much to do. Also, waiting to put your thoughts on the wiki once they are "complete" does not allow for conversation and discussion along the way. You might take a look at how the blogs and educational games groups are working to get an idea about how they used the wiki to collaborate and share ideas.  As part as taking up the slack for each person goes--what if I had assigned the project as an individual research project, which is how it is done in other courses. Then you would have had to do everything. Think about it...What I am hoping is that when you complete the TLR Evaluation and your blog post, that you are able to put your experience into perspective--what did you learn and how can you apply it (both about your subject and about group work/process)  gsk

I would have preferred the assignment to be an individual research assignment, then I would've been able to do this page the way I wanted to without having to take anyone else's feelings or thoughts into consideration.  I also would've been able to start and finish this project sooner because I wouldn't have had to wait to hear back from others or wait to see if someone else would step up in the group.  If we wouldn't have split it up, it would have been just like doing an individual project because you would have had to do all the parts anyway and that would've made it more difficult to combine writing styles, in my opinion.  I understand that you're trying to get us to work together and learn how to do things within the wiki.  I know I'm not perfect within the group setting, I am typically a big time procrastinator, but I worked hard on this project all week, read and researched many different areas and materials, and tried to combine my portion into a cohesive thought. I went over that page for hours last night, tweeking and editing things I could (including my own work) without completely rewriting another person's work.  I let everyone in the group know that I would have very little access to the internet this weekend because of prior commitments and that if they wanted me to proofread their information, to send it to me early.  I proofread my work and had my mother, who is an english whiz, and my husband also proofread my work before it was posted.  I know I'm guilty of posting my work late, but I also had others proofread it before it was posted.


Jackie - that information looks great.  I just got to my computer and am putting the final touches on mine and will be posting it tonight... if I don't fall asleep first, sorry for the delay!


Mrs.Keesee - the latest emails are in pink and purple -Brandi


Mrs. Keesee,  This is the email that Jackie sent me AFTER you told us not to email our group members anymore.  I did not respond to it because you told us not to communicate through our email anymore and she was insulting in her email.  I don't believe in helping someone who chooses to be insulting and so I did not communicate with her until now.  This email made me not want to work on the project at all so I didn't add anything until tonight. I tried to add my information earlier in the night but Jackie was editing at the time.  Also, I re-edited ALL of the page and the same type mistakes as before because I know that my grade is depending on the entire look of the page and will base my rubric on the version that I have edited, even though it wasn't finished until a little after 1AM. 


Like you, I had to break away from this project. I am still a little frustrated after reading all of the comments.  Your bitterness is coming off a little toxic and I don’t like having to resort to us going back and forth like school kids.  Not once have I tried to throw you under the bus since we made contact. Yes, you initiated the communication but your motive was selfish. You wouldn’t the team to work around your schedule because you had something going on during the weekend.  How is it…that you were nervous about my contributions but never came through on yours?  I went back and forth, on the computer, all weekend hoping that we could make contact. I inserted data on Saturday and was hoping to hear from you prior to your 11:50 comment.  I too would have liked to review your material before going final.  It wasn’t just your grade.  Even as you continue to make comments on the page, you continue to take ownership.  It is not Jackie’s or Brandi’s piece or project, it is ours. We are getting graded on our collaboration.  Dr. Keesee is fully aware who participated and who did not. Who are we to tell her how to grade the others?  That is not in either of our lanes however, I an confidence that she will be fair and make the right decision when distributing grades.
I am unsure when you thought I was being unprofessional or if you are saying that the work that I submitted wasn’t professional.  I consider myself to be a professional and understand that there is always room for improvement. I don’t like to make excuses for myself, however I like to learn from my mistakes to ensure that it want happen again.
I am assuming you did not like the comment that I made about correcting my work.   Brandi, I did not have a problem with you reviewing and making changes to my work.  It is a group project and that is group member do.  I knew that there would be some mistakes.  It has been in my experience that when it comes to proofreading/editing it always easier to find other’s mistakes. You mentioned that you had to change an entire paragraph.  Where you exaggerating or screaming for sympathy again?  Either way, I appreciate you bringing my mistakes to my attention. I don’t have problem when people correct me.  As I stated in the comment, with you being the last to make changes, I expected it to be a clean version for Dr. Keesee to review.  By no means was I trying to be offensive nor ungrateful. It is my opinion that you have been on the defense since we got started.  I may have been slow to get started but by no means am I slouch or dead weight. I have a lot on my plate but I will get the job done.

Yesterday was a very busy day and I was away for my computer. I didn’t make changes immediately, because I was sure that Dr. Keesee had already seen the work.  I did not know she would grant an extension. In other words, I decided against jumping through the hoops trying to get the corrections made.  
So…to make a long story short.  How would you like to go forward?  We need to establish some kind of communication that is effective.  I don’t think that we have much to do. We can go forward and make the changes that Dr. Keesee suggested and ask for additional guidance upon completion.
Honestly, I thought our information, for a first draft being looked at by Dr. Keesee, was better than most that had worked on it for a week and had more group members.



First, I edited certain things that you recently submitted for grammar purposes.  I did not highlight them because last time you seemed to be upset for me pointing them out to you in the actual page.  That's fine.  I changed some of the wording because this is for our grade and I think it sounds better this way.  Also, I believe that when something is a professional publication, or for a grade, numbers should be written out and that decades such as "the 70s" should be written out as "the 1970s" To me, this looks more grown up I suppose is the word I'm thinking of.  I also corrected some punctuation errors, such as commas in the wrong areas, and some subject/verb agreement.  I also don't think that abbreviations should used in this assignment either.


Now, in response to your email, not to argue but I do feel that I have the right to defend myself:

I had already stated that I didn't mean to offend you (in the comments on THIS page) and won't apologize again.


I have no "bitterness" towards the project or the class and have never tried to throw anyone under the bus. But if you consider explaining what I did and what I needed to correct and not letting someone else get credit for the things I did throwing someone under the bus. Then sure, I threw you and every other member (including myself) of our group (who we still haven't heard from by the way) "under the bus." However, when you wrote this email, I had already offered to HELP you by working more on this project because you most likely weren't going to hear from either of the other members.  So maybe, in the future, you shouldn't try to insult someone who is trying to help you.


Yes I did want the project done before the weekend, IF I WAS GOING TO BE THE ONE PROOFREADING AND EDITING, when we started because I was busy. So selfish or not, I let the group know that at the BEGINNING of the project, in the initial email, which you agreed to. We changed the timeline several times and that was fine with me. I've already addressed that in the comments below as well and I will not repeat myself.


I posted on this page and in the comments section parts of my work to show you that I was working on the assignment and every step of the way of what was happening on my end of the project.  However, the worry came when I had heard absolutely NOTHING from you until you posted your information late saturday night, which I did not see until early Sunday morning because I was away as I had stated I would be MULTIPLE times throughout the week. I told you that I would be able to check my email on my phone during the weekend even if I couldn't get to the computer and never got an email or any communication from you over the weekend.


When I said that your post sounded unprofessional, I was not saying that you were not a professional. Perhaps I used the wrong word for it, I'm not perfect I do that sometimes.  What I meant was that it was not spell check and sounded like you were having a chat with some friends rather than something that I would have submitted to be graded when a quarter of the grade was for spelling and grammar errors.  If you typed that information into microsoft word and pushed the spell check button it would have told you at least  50 - 75 percent of the things that I corrected.  Also, I do not think that you should use the word "kid" instead of child in an assignment for a college course.  It is an informal word and should not be used in a formal paper (project, assignment, whatever).


Had you read my comments on the page before emailing me, you would've known why there was editing and highlighting.  The highlighting was because I COULDN"T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU WERE TRYING TO SAY. There were mistakes in almost EVERY single sentence.  I have gone back through my work as well and corrected it, so it's not impossible to do.  I did not exaggerated on anything I have written on this page or to Dr. Keesee and have never been "screaming for sympathy." I put exactly what was going on and how I felt about it and if you don't like it, I don't care.  We all have a lot on our plates.  It's not an excuse. That's life, deal with it.


If you dont want to "jump through the hoops" to get a good grade then you should tell people in your group that before you start.  That way they know what amount of effort you want to put into your work.  I would edit it for as long as possible if I felt that it could help my grade even half a point, especially since other's were counting me.  I don't know what grade is "acceptable" to you but in my mind, you should try to make it worthy of a perfect score since it is a group project.


As far as going forward would've been concerned, you could've used this page and the comments sections to communicate like Dr. Keesee said.  Our basic information seemed fine to me once I corrected and edited the work and I was fine with it which was what I was saying when I said we didn't need the week long extension and that I didn't want to work on the project any more.  I only agreed to help on it because I felt sorry for you having to do the rest of it BY YOURSELF.  I won't make that mistake again.


I'm sure you won't like that I posted this email on here with your insults, but I want Dr. Keesee to know what was going on and what you wrote to me. Especially if we don't get to do evaluations on our group members.

Comments (Show all 42)

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 3:34 pm on Feb 5, 2011

With it only being the two of you, you can edit as you need to. You can do the editing and get feedback from Brandi via phone/e-mail. What classroom games are you talking about? Make sure that you cite your sources (both intext and as full references) I would rather you have a little on everything than leave an area blank.

Brandi said

at 12:36 pm on Feb 6, 2011

The internet wasn't working this morning. I have my information ready to post. I will transfer it onto here as soon as I get to the computer tonight. Sorry for the technical difficulties :)

Brandi said

at 12:47 pm on Feb 6, 2011

P.s. Jackie, I noticed a few typos in your info last night. Puzzle is written as puzzel in one spot. I can't remember what the other ones were at this time. Just wanted to let you know about that one. I'll go over it again when I get to the computer tonight. If you want to double check your stuff for other mix ups that would be awesome.:)

Booker Brown said

at 11:47 pm on Feb 6, 2011

Brandi I am trying to send over my work

Jackie said

at 11:51 pm on Feb 6, 2011

Brandi feel free to edited my information as you see fit. I have looked over it several times, however it doesnt hurt to have an extra set of eyes. I was hoping to check out your information before calling it quits or tonight, but I assuming you are still having computer issues. I made a couple of grammatical changes and added additional resources. I was hoping that our other members would have chimed in by now, to lessing our work load. Hopefully, you were able to keep your sanity with all you had going on this weekend. Moving is never fun and very time consuming. Good Night!

Jackie said

at 11:53 pm on Feb 6, 2011

Booker what work are you trying to send.

Jackie said

at 11:55 pm on Feb 6, 2011

Booker I am just reading your comment. I am assuming that you made contact with Brandi, outside of that initial email that you sent to her on Tuesday.

Jackie said

at 12:02 am on Feb 7, 2011

Brandi and Booker,
I am just noticed that Brandi is editing the page. It looks like only one person can edit at a time. Booker I hope this did not interfer with you posting your information. Booker can you review my material and note things that need to be change. If you reply to me soon I will make the changes after you guys finishing editing your part.

Brandi said

at 12:06 am on Feb 7, 2011

Booker emailed me and asked what he could do around 1pm this afternoon. I am submitting information now. I don't think it submitted right so I will resubmit it. Sorry it's taken so long. I wasn't near the computer this afternoon. I will post Booker's information that he sent me on this page when I am done. He asked what was left on the project that he could do. I had already told him which parts we were taking care of in the email I sent him before so I told him to email mrs. Keesee to ask what she wanted him to do about it. I didn't get his email until about 20 minutes ago though.

Jackie said

at 12:14 am on Feb 7, 2011

It sounds like you guys were/ are communicating through regular email. I didn't get any of those today. He commented on the discussion board at 11:47 tonight. I am under the impression that you both your trying to input your information at the same time. I tried to go back and edit and it would not allow due you editing. The site was lock. If Booker have something to add that is great. Next time things will work out smoother.

Jackie said

at 12:20 am on Feb 7, 2011

Sidebar: I know you guys no this already, however just in case it slips your mind. When you add your references...Can you make sure you put it in aphabetical order.

Brandi said

at 2:37 am on Feb 7, 2011

He said that he tried to email me information, but I didn't get any. I put them all in alphabetical order and added a video that I found online. I'm going through proofreading now. I didn't get his email asking which parts were left until I got back to the computer tonight and that was around the time he commented. Did he email you anything?

Brandi said

at 4:26 am on Feb 7, 2011

Jackie - I edited a few things, grammatical stuff, some subject/verb agreement (i think that's what it's called), punctuation, etc. I put what I edited in red so that you could see what I did. Also, I highlighted a couple sentences cause they didn't make sense to me. It may just be because I'm half asleep though. But if you want to, just reread them and if you want to change them it's up to you. This weekend has been crazy busy, but luckily I have a very sweet and supportive husband here to keep me sane.

Jackie said

at 11:24 am on Feb 7, 2011

Brandi- thanks for making the corrections. Was there a way that you could have edited the material and not highlighted the mistakes. With the deadline being last I was thinking the last editing process should have been a clean copy for Dr. Keesee to review. Understanding that this is a working document. I agree with identifing mistakes during the working stage however, I think the information that was submitted last night should have reflected that we made the changes. Perhaps copying and pasting the corrections to the comment option will work better for next time.
Anyways... I will print of our material and review for any additional changes that we may have.

Jackie said

at 11:41 am on Feb 7, 2011

Brandi, I will be away from computer for awhile. I just did a quick check for uniformity. The only thing that stands out that I am unsure about is the references. Is the web source suppose to italic? I will have to go back to MLA page for clarity later on. If so I will make that change later on if you don't make it first. Also when referencing I beleive it is " ( )."
Parenthesis than period. Something else I need to look up.

Brandi said

at 11:46 am on Feb 7, 2011

I just wanted to show you where I had corrected things so that if you didn't like them, you could change them back. The highlighted portions were things that I wasn't sure how to fix because I couldn't understand what you were trying to get across. I emailed Dr.Keesee and told her about that. But now that you have seen you're mistakes I will change it all back to black lettering and remove the highlights if you have not already.

Brandi said

at 12:30 pm on Feb 7, 2011

I'm pretty sure it's just (last name of author or title if there is not author listed), I will double check that, but that is how it seems to be on others' pages as well. I put my sources in through an MLA citation guide to double check my references. So please don't change my sources. If you would like to change yours, that's up to you.

Brandi said

at 12:36 pm on Feb 7, 2011

Also, I just did the plagerism check and it says that part of your work may be plagerism, you may want to check into that yourself as well.

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 1:26 pm on Feb 7, 2011

Definitely check to make sure that you put ideas in your own words--paraphrase or summarize to indicate that you understand the information. If you do copy and paste and use the words exactly from a source, make sure you put the information in quotation marks. No more than 10% of your article should be direct quotes. Authors very rarely say something so well that you can't put it in your own words. You will need to include in-text citations for all the information included within the page. The citations will direct readers to the full bibliographic information at the bottom of the page. If the source is a web page, also hyperlink the in-text citation in case your reader wants to go directly to the site to check out the full article.

You need to make sure that you proofread your material. To double check your spelling, click on the spell check icon in your toolbar (beside the plugin icon). All misspelled words will be underlined with a dotted red line. Right click on the word to view suggested spellings. You also need to read over to make sure you check for missing words, subject/verb agreement errors, awkward sentence structure, etc.

If one of your group members changes something and you disagree, you can always change it back. Check out the Page History link to see previous versions of this page. This is how I can check to see who has been editing and participating. Brandi--Booker should not be e-mailing you his information. It is his responsibility to click the edit button and participate. If you add his information for him, I won't know what was his and what was yours.

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 1:26 pm on Feb 7, 2011

Since I feel that the process is more important than the product at this point, I am willing to allow this group to continue working on adding and revising the information on this page--unless you feel this is the best you can do. I will give you one more week to complete the project. Let me know today if you accept the assignment and how you suggest that this group could accomplish its goals more effectively. I don't want to see that you are communicating via E-mail anymore.

Jackie said

at 7:26 pm on Feb 7, 2011

Dr. Keesee,
As you are aware, our group got off to a late start and we could never get in touch with all of our team members. Communication between our group members have been little and at a minimum between Brandi and me. Booker attempted to get on board but was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between Brandi and I. I found the below comments to be inappropriate and offensive for this setting. I have worked equally as hard to ensure that our project was completed and submitted on time. I was under the assumption that this project was a collaborative team effort.This is the first time that I have had team member try to sabotage a group project to get ahead. I hate that Brandi feels as if she completed this project by herself. Brandi has stressed her concerns and believes that she would be better off alone. Please advise, where do we go from here?

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 8:30 pm on Feb 7, 2011

As I stated earlier, this project had several objectives. One of those related to collaboration on a common project. The NETS*Students #2 states: Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others. Notice--support individual learning AND learning of others. This was a learning process--not only were you learning how to work together, but you were also learning how to communicate electronically, edit the wiki, and research methodology--which is why I allowed two weeks to complete the project.

I recognize that your group got started late--wasting an entire week. However, I also noted that you were the first to check in on the wiki, try to communicate with your members, and to start adding information (2/1). I do not see that Brandi began adding information until 2/7--after the midnight deadline--even though she indicated that she wanted to have the project finished by Thursday. Not using the wiki for collaboration meant that I was not able to provide feedback and guidance throughout the process.

I'm still not sure what is going on with Booker or Amada. I have tried to contact them as well and received no response. As I indicated in my note at the bottom of the main Cognitivism page, this group never got past the "storming" stage of group development. The product was viewed as more important than the process and mutual support. You may continue editing the page based on my feedback/comments. I would hope that you will receive support from your other group members beyond Brandi. We will see what kind of response I get. I am willing to provide feedback and guidance as you need it.

Brandi said

at 1:16 am on Feb 8, 2011

We did get started late, however, I am the one who initiated contact with my group. I posted on this page on the wiki after you added the links because you said to post discussions on this page. There was no new information on our main page until Saturday afternoon/evening, and no one else besides you and myself posted on this page except in the comments area. I already admitted that I did not get my information done in the timeline that I set for myself both on here and on emails to you. I also stated that I was working on my information earlier in the week on pen and paper.
Jackie and I did collaborate on the assignment, on Friday afternoon we had a "chat" through the messaging service on our school email accounts. We discussed how we wanted to do things and how we thought the project should go. There was collaboration. We changed our deadlines in the project and I even posted that we had pushed our deadlines back.
And I started editing my part of the main wiki on 2/6 around 11:30. I wrote on here and said that my information did not post correctly and that I had to resubmit it. I also did some editing at the same time I submitted my project and saved along the way. So I think your timer may be a little off or something, because I checked the clock and I started before midnight.

Brandi said

at 1:17 am on Feb 8, 2011

I do not appreciate the implication that I did not collaborate with my group and that I did not participate in this project beyond submitting my information after midnight. I understand that we have a differing of opinions on some things, but I do not think it is fair for you to imply that I have not worked on this project and that I am completely at fault for this project not going as planned.
I have the email that says that Jackie did not sit down at her computer to start working on the project until late Thursday night, so I am not sure how she would have been adding her information on the first of February or that she was the first one to check in on the wiki on the first of February. I looked at this page the first week to see if anything was posted and to see if any of our group members had commented. I checked it again on Sunday and Monday before I sent an email initiating contact with our group and no one had posted anything.
I accept that my submission was late and hold myself responsible for that, but I will not be told that I didn’t do any work on the project and have it broadcast to others that I did not pull my weight and do my part.

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 8:24 am on Feb 8, 2011

I did not say that you had not pulled your weight. One of the advantages of having collaboration visible on the wiki is that the teacher can track when students log in and change information on the pages. If you click the Page History button at the top, you can get a quick run-down of who edited when/what. That is why I wanted everyone to add information to the wiki so I could track who was doing what and when. That is why I said it would not have done any good for Brandi to have submitted Booker's information since the page would not have recorded that Booker added the information.

I need for both of you to quit pointing fingers. Name-calling and blaming do not forward the conversation.

Brandi said

at 12:51 am on Feb 8, 2011

I don't feel that I completed the project by myself. The information you posted was very helpful and was half of the project, all I did was take your information and proofread it. I'll admit I didn't get my part submitted on time.
I am not trying to sabatoge the project. I tried to improve it. I do not think that it is fair for us to get an extension if the rest of the class doesn't. I poured myself into this project last week and I don't think that pouring myself into it for another week will help it improve at all. I think that everyone did what they did and should be graded on their amount of participation or lack thereof. If I had been trying to sabatoge the group project, I would've just erased a lot of information and made it look crummy. It's also not fair for me to work on this for an extra week or for you to work on it for an extra week and give the other members of our group a chance to work on it for only a few days and get as good of a grade as we would get. Everyone should have pulled their own weight and they didn't. Taking responsibility for what you did or didn't do is the adult thing to do and I think that Booker and Amada should be held responsible for their lack of participation, not given a bunch of extra time to participate. Like I said, I turned in my stuff after the midnight deadline and I fully expect to get a late penalty for that, because that was my screw up and I take responsibility for my own actions.

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 8:13 am on Feb 8, 2011

I am giving other groups the option of an extension as well, so I did not single out your group. And, no, I would grade the participation of the other group members differently. That is one of the criteria listed in the rubric. Holding them responsible is one thing--but it does not serve the purpose of having them learn about working in a group or learn about cognitivism. There's quite a bit of information that could still be included--as there are whole books written on the subject. There's definitely more information about cognitivism's influence on instructional strategies and educational technology. Ultimately, it boils down to what my goals and objectives are for the lesson as to how I approach how I assess the assignment.

Brandi said

at 3:11 pm on Feb 7, 2011

I'm not planning on communicating with the members of the group via email anymore. I have tried to get them to communicate through here but I am not going to ignore an email and not respond. I feel that I have done my part of the project correctly and effectively and am happy with my half. I understand how to add to and revise the pages. I've learned how to use the wiki, insert videos, links, etc. I've worked hard and will take whatever grade I get on my efforts. I appreciate the extra time, but I feel that if we have an extra week, we will have to work extra hard and add even more information in order to get a good grade on it because we were given more time. I'm ready to be finished with the project and focus on this weeks tasks and my other classes.

However, since we are getting our grade on the entire page and not just on our own efforts, I would like some extra time to edit and proofread the last half of the page.

Brandi said

at 3:25 pm on Feb 7, 2011

As far as Booker is concerned, I already emailed him earlier last week telling him to use this page. I cannot help that he did not read or understand the communications that I sent to him I explained to him what parts of the project the two of us had volunteered for, if he could not read these pages and see what was left to do then that is his own fault. I tried my best to keep everyone informed of what was going on with the projects, through e-mails and this page. I forwarded the email that I recieved from you stating that you wanted us communicating through the group wall and not e-mail. I wrote to let everyone know what was going on, where I was in my part of the project, what everyone else is doing.

I'm not anyone's mother or babysitter. I shouldn't have to coddle adults and keep them updated on what is going on. They are taking college level courses, therefore all of the members of the group should be able to handle their parts of the project without relying on someone else to get them a good grade. I feel that by editing everyone's work and fixing things, that I am getting their good grade for them and that's not fair either. As professionals and especially being in the teaching field, we should be able to write properly. At the very least, we should be able to use basic english skills.

We have had two weeks to complete this project, I am happy with my efforts and I will take my grade including the late penalty. For turning it in after midnight last night. Everyone else should be graded on their efforts over the last two weeks as well and I respectfully decline the week's extension. It's not fair to everyone else in the class to extend our deadline either, just because our group members couldn't get their stuff together. We are all adults and need to learn to take responsibility for our own actions or lack thereof.

Therefore, I respectfully decline the extension, but I do appreciate the offer.

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 8:42 pm on Feb 7, 2011

I recognize that we are all adults. However, that doesn't mean that we are at the same stage of development and have the same skill levels. I also recognize that we have other commitments that sometimes interfere with our plans. It's how we handle those commitments and "obstacles" to our meeting our goals that is important. I did not expect you to babysit or coddle; however, I did expect that you would not ramrod your expectations on your group members. I said from the beginning that I would prefer that you not communicate via E-mail and if you did you include me as a recipient. That did not happen. In fact, E-mail interactions often excluded other members of the group.

As far as editing and "fixing up" other group members' contributions goes, you could have used this as a teachable moment. Consider how you could have discussed with your group members what was wrong and possible ways to correct the error. I agree that as teaching professionals we should be able to write properly. However, has it occurred to you that your classmates may not have the same educational background that you do or they may have a learning disability that makes it difficult to write sentences correctly. If you are to be a teacher, you have put yourself in other people's shoes. It is your responsibility to facilitate learning, to guide, to mentor--no matter what age level.

I will accept that you decline the extension and grade you on your efforts this past week. I look forward to reading your self-reflection comments in your blog. I expect that you will do more than summarize the events and try to look at the whole picture and what you did to help and hinder the process. I hope that you will develop an action plan for what you intend to try doing in the next group project to ensure the success of all the members--not just yourself.

Brandi said

at 11:46 pm on Feb 7, 2011

I tried to turn editing the information into a teachable moment, Mrs. Keesee. I tried to include all members of the group in the emails. There were some emails that only went between Jackie and I. I understand what you are saying about putting myself in others shoes and I tried to do that and I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings. But to me personally, I don't see how someone is going to teach children when they do not appear to understand certain things about english themselves. I tried to help out by putting the things I had changed in red and put them into the explain your changes box at the bottom of the page and in the comments section on this page I told her what I had done. I also highlighted in yellow some of the sentences that didn't make sense to me. And I asked her to look over them and change them. The response I got from her about came across as hostile about wanting everything to not be highlighted and she didn't change anything. I tried to help her out with ideas and any questions she had, I tried to help Booker out also.
I tried to ensure that we all succeeded in the group, but it felt to me that I was the only one really trying at this point. And I wanted everyone to succeed. I understand where that comes in, but I don't want the efforts for the group success to cause me to not succeed.
I'll admit it. I ultimately would rather see myself succeed. It's my future and I hold myself responsible for it being successful.

Jackie said

at 8:34 pm on Feb 7, 2011

I don’t know if this was the best way to air our/your dirty laundry. I found your comments to be offensive and inappropriate for this setting. I am unsure what you were trying to accomplish by displaying your negativity on the discussion board. You mentioned being a professional. Did you really think you were being professional when posting your comment? Professionals know that there is a time and place for everything. In a professional environment, like during this classroom assignment you will be faced with minimum resources and time. You and either deal with it or like in this situation, you throw in the towel.

The suggestions that Dr. Keesee mentioned was for the both of us. When asking you to review my work, that wasn’t me trying to get out of me doing my part. That is what team members do when they are doing a group project. Perhaps I should have reviewed my material closer. We are all in a learning enviroment and entitled to make some mistakes. I am opened to constructive criticism and learning from my mistakes however, it is funny that when Dr. Keessee and I mentioned your mistakes you ignored as if you were/ are perfect. By the way, team members also consult with one another before making a decision for the team. Instead of pointing fingers, trying to be in charge and trying to take credit for everything you should look in the mirror. No one expects you to be their mother or babysitter, however we did expect you to be a team mate.

With all the different variables that you, maybe an individual project would have been the best choice when Dr. Keesee suggested it.

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 9:01 pm on Feb 7, 2011

Actually, an individual project would have been the worst choice. Then there would have been no learning (regarding the group/collaborative process concept). Even though this group project may not have turned out the way either of you wanted, I hope that you will both be able to take something positive away--and that you can (heaven forbid the cliche) learn from your mistakes. However, in order to learn from our mistakes, we have to admit that we made them.

I admit that I may not have made the assignment and/or instructions clear. I admit that when I assigned the groups, I put people in groups who had not been participating in the class very much to begin with. I admit that this assignment might have been beyond the technological and/or research skills for some of the participants. I admit that I may have made wrong assumptions regarding those skills and abilities. I admit that I may have expected too much for the initial group assignment.

I also admit that I did try to contact the members of this group numerous times. I also admit that I did provide contact information for each class that included phone and E-mail info. I also admit that I provided guidance when asked and that I even set up a Q & A Session for those unable to come into my office. I admit that I constantly checked in to the TLR wiki to keep abreast of what was happening with each group and provide feedback/resources--so much so that I failed to complete my grading projects for the last two weeks.

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 9:02 pm on Feb 7, 2011

In looking at this group project to edit the TLR wiki, I recognize that it went much better than last semester's project. I think that those who participated learned--content, technological skills, and group skills. They may not have been all at the same level, but that's to be expected. Not everyone had a negative experience. It might be interesting to have everyone review the collaborative efforts for each group and try to determine what went well and why. If you were in the classroom and assigned such a project, how would you determine the success or failure of this assignment?

Brandi said

at 12:40 am on Feb 8, 2011

I am glad that not everyone's experiences have been negitive. I determine the success or failure of an assignment on how I feel about it after the assignment is completed. I believe that I worked hard and tried my best to contact and work with others in my group. I gave my best effort in that area and I believe that is how I measure success or failure.

Brandi said

at 12:38 am on Feb 8, 2011

I am fine with admitting that I am not perfect and like I told you in my e-mail to you, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I am a procrastinator and I am also a perfectionist when it comes to certain things. Those two things do not mix well. I am also controlling when it comes to certain things and I do tend to take over when it comes to group projects. I've said it before, I like being in control of my own grades which is why I don't enjoy collaborations. I know that in the real world we will have to work with all personality types and it's hard to do when they clash. I do feel that I've learned from this experience. This was just a bad couple of weeks for any projects on my end and I am sure the next one will go much smoother.

Brandi said

at 12:29 am on Feb 8, 2011

I did not mean to offend you Jackie. I was getting some frustration I have been feeling with this project out, and yes this frustration was with ALL of our group members, including myself. This comment actually sounds more professional than what you posted for our project, so I know you are capable of it. What I don't understand was why your post to our page was not this professional.
I responded to my mistakes that Dr. Keesee mentioned and I edited my posts accordingly. I am in no way trying to take credit for everything, I just want to make sure that the person grading the project knows what all I did and that I was not just on here for two seconds. I worked very hard all week on this project (the first few days of it were not on the computer but writing things out with a pencil and paper and putting my thoughts into some sort of order and researching information) from the time I got up in the morning, stopping to eat, until late into the evening and if I need him to, my husband can vouch for all of that. I posted my outline on here on Friday afternoon like we agreed so that you would see that I had been working and where I was with the project so that you would not worry about if I was going to finish my part. I also posted multiple comments on this site telling you where I was at with my project, things that were going on and when I hoped to have them finished, every step of the way. I didn't finish within my projected time line either and I take full responsibility for that. And I have always taken full responsibility for my actions. I proofread until 4:30 in the morning yesterday, got some sleep and started on it again until around four in the afternoon. I stopped working on the page today to spend some time on my other classes and a little time with my husband.

Brandi said

at 12:30 am on Feb 8, 2011

When I got home Friday night, after you saying you were almost finished and would have it posted in the afternoon, and saw that nothing had been posted by you on the discussion board and I had no e-mails about it, and it was still that way before I left the house Saturday afternoon, my thought was what if she's lying about it and now I have to do the entire project myself with only a day and a half and only about 3 hours of that time of even having access to the internet. So yes I did get frustrated, upset, and stressed about it, to the point of my husband wanting to call Dr.Keesee and discuss other options about the project with her because I was so upset about having to do the entire thing on my own at the last minute.
The coddling and not being anyone's mother comment was not directed towards you, it was to the other members of our group who did not respond to us at all and seemed to expect me to tell them what to do every step of the way. It is something that everyone should learn though. If you are in a college course, you should be able to take care of things without relying on others. If you feel it was towards you, then it must be something in your own life that you are feeling guilty about.
Also, you told me to edit your work as I saw fit. So yes, I made decisions on how to edit it myself. I included the team in the decision to split up the work. I asked what you thought we should do and then told you all what I thought and what I would like to do if we chose that option. You agreed to this method of team work. It’s all up above these comments in the e-mails.

Brandi said

at 12:30 am on Feb 8, 2011

I prefer individual projects because of things like this. However, I am not the one who makes these decisions and neither are you. Instead of taking offense at everything I say when I am trying to help you improve, (remember, I highlighted things that didn’t make sense and corrected the things I edited in red so that you could see where you messed up), maybe try learning from it for next time you have a group project.

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 8:25 am on Feb 8, 2011

Part of what I am "training" you to be is a teacher. I need you to start looking at this project from a teacher's point of view rather than the student's. Consider this a case study. How would you have handled this situation as a teacher? I would be interested to hear from all group members at this point

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