Discussion: Constructivism

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Start by reading the information in Chapters 1 & 2 in your textbook. Google Constructivism, definition, theories, concepts, educational implications, instructional strategies, techniques, methods, ... (gsk)


Check out these links:


Constructivismas a Paradigm for Teaching and Learning

Constructivismat Learning Theories

Constructivism: Overview

cognitive constructivism and social constructivism,

Bruner's Theory   Constructivist Theory  (J. Bruner)
Classroom Applications of Constructivism
Constructivism and Technology
Piaget's Theory
Vygotsky's Theory

Multiple Intelligences (H. Gardner)
Is It Constructivism?- Identifies 5 qualities of constructivist teaching.
On Constructivism- Discusses strategies for implementing a constructivist lesson.

Constructivism Links - Very comprehensive site. Contains links to other sites on constructivism. Includes sections on Sociocultural Theory, Enactivism, Postmodern Thought as well as links to information about Bartlett, Seely Brown, Bruner, Dewey, Fisher, Hanley, Piaget, von Glaserfeld, and Vygotsky.

Constructivism and Technology

Are You a Techno-Constructivist?

Constructivism and Technology: On the Road to Student-Centered Learning

Constructivism Meets Technology

Constructivism & Technology: Transforming Schools & Classrooms