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Discussion Blogs

Page history last edited by Tamara Williams 10 years, 5 months ago

Try a Google search for keyword combinations of the following: blogs, education, school, elementary, reading, writing, advantages, disadvantages, classroom management, lessons, resources. (gsk)


Check out these sites for more info.


Blogs in Education (resource website)

Blogs in Education

Education World ® Technology Center: Blogging?

Examples of elementary blogs - Classroom 2.0

Elementary Teacher Blog

Educational Blogs for Elementary Students

The Write Weblog: Who says elementary students can't blog?

Videos for blogs elementary students


That sounds great. I do not mind researching information.  I was just looking for information on how to cite where we find our info. Not sure I can do it correctly.  So we can post our info on here and who will put it directly on the wiki? Carrie


Do we need to go back and put some of this information in complete sentences or capitalize when needed? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU4gXHkejMo This video is a great, short, step-by-step process on how to create a blog account and get started. Let me know what you think??



Yes complete sentences and capitalization are going to be needed. I like the vidoe you sent. That would be good to put on our wiki. We just need to be sure we put a short summary of what it is. I wanted to put the utube vidoe wikis in plain engish also. What do you think? Everytime I tried to insert the utube vidoe it would not let me, not sure what I am doing wrong. I have Tamara's phone number and I am about to call her and see what we can get accomplished this morning.



Check out the HELP manual for how to insert a YouTube video and for help with other questions. Here's the direct link for inserting the YouTube video.  gsk



I just spoke with Tamara and if it is ok with you lets leave the discussion part for just that. Lets go ahead and put it all on the wiki and later in the week we can organize it. I think we should start with what is a blog. Then what can it be used for then whatever other information. It looks like you know how to upload a hyperlink? Posting vidoe and hyperlinks are good, we just need to explain what it is we are looking at. I am going to be doing some more research later this evening. I guess that is our first job. Have you heard form Melinda yet? I e-mailed her and haven't heard, maybe she takes a break on the weekend........good for her, that's what I am doing this afternoon, before I lose my sanity ;) Here is my # if you want to call 910-229-4612




My name is Tamara. I  am really looking forward to working with you to complete our assingment. I have seen your you tube video and I love it. I think that the video is very infomative and beneficial to our wiki. I will email you my phone number, just incase you need to call me. I have already spoken to Carrie. I am excited and really look forward to working with you guys to complete this assingment.


I'm a little confused. Where at on the page do you want me to put the video?



Amber I though it would be good somewhere in the top of the wiki. I added some information about blogging in education. We can arrange it however, I was just posting some information that I researched. I still need to look on how to cite internet information so I do that correctly. Also I tried to upload the blogs in plain english utube the same way it said to on the inserting the YouTube video hyperlink above but it said that it did not match the URL? I just thought it would be nice to have one or two videos. Maybe one on how to create a blog and if we could find one on someone using it in the classroom? This is actually kind of hard to do this assingment. It's not like you can just do whatever you want and be done. How are we going to talk and come to a decision when we think we are done?



Oh yea, I think we should take in consideration to limit how many blog sites we put up and try to limit them to educational blogs. There are some free ones that are used for educators. I read one was something time. I can go back and look agian. Just think it is a good idea for us to  take the advice of our instructor :) Looking forward to hearing from you agian!!



Hey Amber and Carrie

I made some minor changes to our wiki. I think doing this would make it more easier for use to add information as we go along. This is not the final and if you dont like any of the changes or the format  feel free to delete, modify or whatever. I promise I would not get offended. We are all working together . Thank you 




Good morning everyone! I made a few grammer changes and made a hyperlink under the examples of how to blog. I also added blogs in plain english to the page.It does look a lot better adding a hyperlink instead of using the URL. I think we should add everything that we want to add by Friday (2/4/11) and allow everyone in the group to look over it on Saturday (2/5/11). Therefore, it will be ready and revised by Sunday (2/6/11). I am really proud of what we have all acomplished so far. The Wiki is looking really and good and very informative!




Thanks for fixing the video, I try to make it a hyperink there instead of a url, but could not. So thanks! You did a good job! I hope that you guys like the minor changes with the Subcategories and the bullets. I have also changed the color of the font so I could look better to read. I am not sure if we could do it or you guys like it but, we could always change back if we can't.


I really liked the bullets and the color change. It made it easier to look through. This also brings out the key points we are discussing. I like the bullets because I do not like reading paragraphs. I prefer to just read bullets (it doesn't seem as much). So, I am pretty sure others will be greatful too. It also helps the advantages and disadvantages stick out a little better. Good Job.



Thanks Amber! Dr. Keese have given use some really beneficial feedback. She have provided information on how to change the hyperlinks to videos. So I have converted the hyperlinks to videos instead. Thank Dr. Keese! (sorry : -( again for stealing your edit session, really didn't know what I was doing )  She have also noted that we need to provide more sources for the disadvantages and advantages. I have added mines. Carrie I think you just have to note yours and we should be fine. Also she requested that we write  in paragraph form instead of the bullets. So I guess during the final stage we will have to work on that. For the most part it looks good. I love the team that I am

working with!



Amber and Tamara,

Thanks for all your hard work I will be working on it hopefully some tonight and a more tomorrow night. I will be glad to put the bulleted information into paragraphs. At first I was pretty bummbed about having a group project but it has been a good expeirence.......I am enjoying working with you all. It's really starting to come together!



Hey guys,

As I was working on the wiki I wondered if we should put some real examples of how teachers have used blogs in the classroom? I found where a teacher shared an acutal post of one of her students and talked about how benificial blogging was to the success of her student? Not sure how we would fit it in. Let me know what you think.



Carrie: Great idea. The more examples we can show, the better we understand. At least that's my way of thinking.


Formatting Note: Be careful about the number of different fonts and colors you use on the page. They can sometimes be distracting. You might take a look at Chapter 3 in your book on Visual Principles.  gsk



I think it is a good idea to add real examples. When adding real examples it can help relate to other people or give them ideas. Good thinking.


Hi, I was hoping I could get some help. I am feeling very frustrated!! I do not know what it means to cite in text work in the paragraphs that I typed. I did not take direct quotes, I read the information and then put it in my own words. Does this mean I need intext citing?  All of the information came from one website, do I put the same info. at the end of each paragraph. I am feeling so overwhelmed.  PLEASE HELP!! Also I have found  a wonderful powerpoint (PowerPoint) that I would like to include that goes through pretty much everything you would need to know about blogs in education but I have tried and tried and I cannot figure out how to post it to the wiki. (You will need to upload the file like I did for the PowerPoint Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wikis and Blogs. Click the Images and Files Link on the right. Then select Upload File. One you've uploaded the file, you will need to create a hyperlink to it so readers can download it and view it. Make sure you include the citation information in your References.)  I have some things to do and will not be able to start back on the wiki until after 8pm. Even if someone wouldn't mind calling me if they could help, I would really appreciate it. I want to make our wiki better, not drag it down. 910-229-4612




The Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines require that you cite the quotations, summaries, paraphrases, and other material used from sources within parentheses typically placed at the end of the sentence in which the quoted or paraphrased material appears. These in-text parenthetical citations correspond to the full bibliographic entries found in a list of references at the end of your paper--or in this case at the end of the web page. (Note that the titles of works are italicized, rather than underlined.).  Check this website for examples of in-text citations: http://library.duke.edu/research/citing/within/mla.html I provided a link to Valencia College's webpage on citing electronic sources last week: http://www.valenciacc.edu/library/doc_mla_electronic.cfm   Hope this helps. gsk


I changed the font to just black and bold per Dr.Keesee suggestion. Also we need to make sure we fix the MLA format at the bottom so the link works. I am going to try to upload a video or PowerPoint on blogs in education. I will be sure to spell check. Do not want to lose points for something silly.....I am a horrible speller, as you can see.



HEY GUYS!! I did it I posted a You Tube video. HOW FUN!! For you who can already do it, maybe not so exciting but thanks for reading!!



Good job! I have really learned a lot doing this WIKI page together. I made a few changes that Dr. Keesee was suggesting in orange on the Wiki page. We are almost done!



Hey Amber and Carrie

The Wiki really looks great. Sorry I have not had a chance to help you guys  make the last minute changes. Let me know if there is any last minute changes that needs to be done. Tamara


I'm proud of how you two have worked together--sharing information, tasks, and learning together. That's what collaborative learning is all about. gsk

Comments (4)

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 5:50 pm on Jan 29, 2011

Carrie: I sent you the E-mail earlier today with a link to examples on how to cite electronic sources. It's also Bb announcement if you didn't get the E-mail.

Gayla S. Keesee said

at 8:20 am on Jan 30, 2011

Remember that there are different blog servers. You might not want to limit yourself to just one--or you might try to find which are the top two or three used for educational purposes.

Toni Ryan said

at 7:10 pm on Jan 30, 2011

Carrie, I'm sorry I blocked you the other day. I'm a dope. Toni Ryan

Carrie Blanchard said

at 9:04 pm on Jan 31, 2011

It' ok Toni, I wouldn't know if I did it to someone else. Still learning myself.

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