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Photo Sharing

Page history last edited by Alev Elci 9 years, 9 months ago

Definition:  Photo Sharing is the publishing or transger of a user's digital photos online.  It lets the user share them with others in a public or private setting.



Photo Sharing Sites:







Advantages:  You are able to share photos with people that may be far away or in an instant after the photo has been taking.  You can add photo's easy to social networking sites through photo sharing.  This is also a great way to backup image files.




Disadvantages: Photos that maybe intended for a single viewer can be sent to many others to view.  Some people may alter the photo to make it seem different than what it really is.  Some photo's that you may post may hurt you from getting a job or other important opportunities.




Examples of Classroom Uses:  You can create a photo sharing site so that parents are able to view photos of children engaging in the areas of the classroom.  The teacher will be able to share pictures to parents that may be far from home and let them see the progress their child has made and things happening in the classroom.





Resources for Classroom Use:










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Gayla S. Keesee said

at 6:57 am on Nov 4, 2010

References need to conform to MLA or APA style. Who is the author of these sites? What authority do they have to write on this subject? How can photo sharing sites be used by students?

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