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Teaching Tips

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Teaching Tips Index from Honolulu Community College


Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education (lists and implementation ideas) compiled by Ted Panitz


Making Your First Class Meeting Truly First Class!


A Berkeley Compendium of Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence by Barbara Gross Davis, Lynn Wood, and Robert C. Wilson (1983)  This site contains general teaching tips for the university classroom and is organized by techniques.


The Penn State Teacher II by Diane M. Enerson, R. Neill Johnson, Susannah Milner, and Kathryn M. Plank (1997) This is an organized pdf document outlining designing a class, matching objectives to methods, measuring learning, and collecting feedback to improve teaching and learning.


A Brief Summary of the Best Practices in College Teaching by Tom Drummond (2001)

This is an organized grouping of instructional practices organized under twelve headings:

   1. Lecture Practices

   2. Group Discussion Triggers

   3. Thoughtful Questions

   4. Reflective Responses to Learner Contributions

   5. Rewarding Learner Participation

   6. Active Learning Strategies

   7. Cooperative Group Assignments

   8. Goals to Grades Connections

   9. Modeling

  10. Double Loop Feedback

  11. Climate Setting

  12. Fostering Learner Self-Responsibility



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