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Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Resources wiki. A wiki is a special kind of web page that allows users to freely create and edit its content using any web browser and without any special software. It can be a tool for composition, for discussion, and for collaboration. The most famous wiki is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia created by users from around the globe. This wiki is designed to be a "toolkit" of online information and resources for educators. It is also an ongoing development project for the FTCC EDU271 Educational Technology courses.

Why set up a wiki in the first place? 

Well, in terms of use with colleagues:

  • To create a common document that can be easily edited by a number of people

  • To encourage collaboration

  • To document ideas and activities which would either remain static or ephemeral 

And for students:

  • To develop teamwork and collaborative skills

  • To have a place to demonstrate what they have learned

  • To help them to gain an understanding of the changing nature of knowledge

Educational Blogs 

Technorati currently tracks 63.1 million blogs. Over 5,000 of them are about education.


Blog Topics

College | E-Learning | Education News | Education Policy | Internet Culture | Learning | Library and Research | Specialty | Teaching | Technology


Over 60 Educational Blogs (Hakke, R.R.)

Thinking About College Teaching

Teaching, Learning & Technology in Higher Education


First Time Here? Welcome

  1. You are invited to browse the resources located here.

  2. If you wish to add content, go to the Sidebar to "request access" to this wiki.

  3. In your E-mail request, please indicate your name and reason for accessing the wiki. Since all content is available to the public, you need to have an educational reason to add/edit content.


Getting Started

  1. Click on Request Access

  2. Type in your email address

  3. In the "Message (optional)" field, identify yourself to me by name, institution, title/position, and why you want access.

    1. If you forget or neglect to add your information, I won't recognize your request.
  4. Confirm by entering the letter indicated in box

  5. Click Send to administrator button

  6. When you receive notice from PBworks that you have been approved, click the URL to access the wiki.

  7. If you do not have a PBworks account, you will be prompted to set one up.

  8. Once you receive notice that your account has been created, click Return to login page.

  9. Enter the e-mail address and password you used to create the account—and log in.

  10. Once you are approved and access the wiki, make sure you log in to your account (top right under your name)

    1. Add basic information to your profile
    2. Select how often you wish to receive notifications regarding changes to this site


Wiki Administrator

Gayla S. Keesee, Ph.D.

Instructional Designer

Fayetteville Technical Community College


My Blog: EdTechLady


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