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Digital Writing Across the Curriculum

Page history last edited by Gayla S. Keesee 12 years ago

Digital Writing Across the Curriculum: "Writing is the lifeblood of a liberal education: almost any course taught by a college or university can be taught better, and in more ways, if entering students are good writers. Student writing ability is also crucial for many forms of assessing learning" (TLT Group)

This web site is devoted to gathering evidence to help colleges and universities investigate and debate this assertion:

There are courses in every department of our institution where teaching, learning, and assessment could be improved if students entered with some skills in digital writing (e.g., able to edit and annotate images, video, animations, and audio for inclusion in academic papers; able to write collaboratively online).  Therefore we should systematically develop those skills, in addition to the skills we now teach in traditional formats of academic expression (e.g., short essays, term papers)  (For more on 'digital writing across the curriculum,' click here.)


NOTE: Helping students learn skills of  digital writing does not mean ignoring traditional forms of writing. In fact, a college education should also help students learn how to decide when it's better to use traditional forms and when to use digital forms of expression.


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